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Locally owned and operated since 1967 proudly serving all of Windsor-Essex & Chatham-Kent region’s home comfort needs! Our expert team of technicians is committed to providing our clients with service they can trust and equipment they can rely on.

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Why Choose Fahrhall? 

Fahrhall has proudly served the HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement needs  of Windsor and its surrounding areas since 1967. When our customers think of Fahrhall, they think of high-quality brands, professional and friendly service, and affordable HVAC options. Just some of what makes Fahrhall a trusted HVAC dealer for generations of homeowners in Windsor.

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HVAC Financing 

Whether you’re in immediate need of a new HVAC system after yours has broken down, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your system to something more energy-efficient, Fahrhall has your back with affordable prices and HVAC financing. At Fahrhall, we work in collaboration with SNAP Home Finance, FinanceIt, and HAP Financial to give our customers multiple financing options to help find the perfect HVAC system for their home and their budget.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide 

Choosing the right air conditioner to help you keep cool and comfortable during hot Windsor summers can be overwhelming. There are so many options for brands, sizing, pricing, efficiency ratings, and more. Fortunately, the experts at Fahrhall are eager to help walk you through every step of the process from initial inquiries to installation and maintenance. Interested in learning more? The experts at Fahrhall have put together a thorough and comprehensive air conditioner buying guide to help get you started.

Furnace Buying Guide 

As furnaces last upwards of 15 or more years, it’s a big decision when choosing to buy a new one. If you’re in the market for a new furnace, whether your current furnace has just died or you’re looking for an energy-efficient upgrade, there is a lot to consider. Which brand is best? How do I tell which size is right for my home? What is the most affordable financing option? All of these questions can be answered both by our technicians over the phone or in-person or with our furnace buying guide to help you start your research.

How Furnaces Work

Latest News

Troubleshooting Your Gas Furnace

You wake up and it’s so cold in your house that you can see your breath. Has this ever happened to you? Before you panic and call for emergency furnace services, take a look at our checklist for troubleshooting your gas furnace. It could save you the cost of an emergency furnace call.

HRV vs. ERV: What’s the Difference?

Nobody likes stuffy, stinky air – not to mention being stuck inside all winter with people constantly carrying all kinds of germs. That’s why air quality and proper ventilation are important. In the summer, it’s easy to open a window to let the fresh air in – that’s natural ventilation. But, do that in the […]

Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace: Which Is More Efficient?

As of 2020, most Canadians were using natural gas to heat their homes. However, as the supply of gas causes prices to fluctuate dramatically, you, like many Canadians, might be exploring different options. In addition to cost, Canadians are also concerned about climate change. Therefore, heating efficiency is also a priority. That’s why more people […]

Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

Given the tough economic climate right now – and the crazy price of energy – it’s no surprise that Canadians everywhere are looking to cut costs. This becomes more difficult in the cold winter months when you have the added expense of heating your home. You’ll still need to brace yourself and your budget, but […]

How to Set Your Humidifier for the Winter

During the winter, not only does the air get colder, but it also gets dryer. For your home comfort and your health, dry air can come with a slew of irritants and disadvantages including dry skin and hair, and even nosebleeds! If you’re looking to keep your home warm and your air comfortable this winter, […]

Ways to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home

As the weather becomes increasingly cooler, many homeowners are preparing their homes for winter. Keeping your home warm during sub-zero temperatures can be tricky and costly, especially if you have an older house. To save yourself a little bit of effort and money come winter, here are a few things you can do to prepare […]


Autumn is here and the temperature is beginning to drop. Regardless of if you’re excited about the cold weather ahead, preparing your home for winter is an absolute must during the fall. As homeowners turn on their furnaces, our experts begin getting more questions from curious homeowners about their HVAC systems. To help our homeowners […]

Prep Your Furnace With An Early Bird Tune-Up

Just like changing your furnace filter, tune-up appointments are an essential and necessary part of owning a furnace. Homeowners who really prioritize their furnace’s safety and performance may choose to schedule their furnace maintenance in late summer to get it out of the way, here’s why we recommend an early-bird furnace tune-up for your home.

The Benefits of Installing a High-Efficiency Furnace

As the fall approaches, many homeowners in Windsor are reassessing the value of their furnaces. Many homeowners are wondering whether or not their old furnace is going to provide adequate heating for another year, and whether or not they should finally replace theirs with a new and energy-efficient model. There are several reasons why investing […]

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Locally owned and operated since 1967 proudly serving all of Windsor-Essex & Chatham-Kent region’s heating and cooling needs!

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