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Troubleshooting Your Gas Furnace

You wake up and it’s so cold in your house that you can see your breath. Has this ever happened to you? Before you panic and call for emergency furnace services, take a look at our checklist for troubleshooting your gas furnace. It could save you the cost of an emergency furnace call.

Ways to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home

As the weather becomes increasingly cooler, many homeowners are preparing their homes for winter. Keeping your home warm during sub-zero temperatures can be tricky and costly, especially if you have an older house. To save yourself a little bit of effort and money come winter, here are a few things you can do to prepare […]


Autumn is here and the temperature is beginning to drop. Regardless of if you’re excited about the cold weather ahead, preparing your home for winter is an absolute must during the fall. As homeowners turn on their furnaces, our experts begin getting more questions from curious homeowners about their HVAC systems. To help our homeowners […]

Prep Your Furnace With An Early Bird Tune-Up

Just like changing your furnace filter, tune-up appointments are an essential and necessary part of owning a furnace. Homeowners who really prioritize their furnace’s safety and performance may choose to schedule their furnace maintenance in late summer to get it out of the way, here’s why we recommend an early-bird furnace tune-up for your home.

The Benefits of Installing a High-Efficiency Furnace

As the fall approaches, many homeowners in Windsor are reassessing the value of their furnaces. Many homeowners are wondering whether or not their old furnace is going to provide adequate heating for another year, and whether or not they should finally replace theirs with a new and energy-efficient model. There are several reasons why investing […]

Save on an AC Maintenance Plan

It’s no secret that owning, maintaining, and repairing an air conditioner can be costly, however, it’s also necessary if you wish to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer. Fortunately, a great way to save money on air conditioner maintenance, repair, and even replacement parts is investing in an AC maintenance plan with […]

Furnace Maintenance Tips For The Spring

As spring approaches quickly, the warm weather will begin to set in and soon you’ll be saying goodbye to your furnace until the fall. Your furnace works 24/7 to keep your home warm during the winter months, and near the end of the season, it’s a good idea to say thank you to our furnace […]

Beware of HVAC Scams In Windsor

While the Canadian government banned unsolicited door-to-door heating and cooling system sales in early 2018 due to rampant HVAC service and installation scams, unfortunately, vulnerable people are still being taken advantage of every day by these tactics. HVAC scammers rely on the elderly, those who are mentally impaired, or those who don’t know better like […]

Your Guide To Understanding How Furnaces Work

Most of us have lived in a house with a furnace at some point in our lives. Due to their efficiency, low-effort maintenance, and ability to work in extreme weather conditions, furnaces are extremely common in Canadian homes. While most homeowners understand what a furnace is and why they’re necessary, how a furnace works is […]

What Should I Do Before Calling For Emergency Furnace Repair?

During the winter, your furnace is an integral part of keeping your home and your family safe and warm. Sometimes, when we experience issues with our heating system, we can panic and jump the gun, calling for emergency furnace repair when there’s actually a very simple fix to whatever issue your furnace may be experiencing. […]

Expert Solutions For a Drafty Home

Winter is coming in full force, and that means homeowners throughout Canada are preparing their homes for the cold weather and making sure that their space is warm enough to keep their families safe and comfortable. If you’ve noticed that at times your home can be quite drafty, you’re not alone. Many homeowners (especially homeowners […]

Energy Saving Tips For Your Heating System

As the weather becomes cooler and cooler, more and more Canadian homeowners are turning on their heating systems for the winter ahead. During the winter, we rely on our heating systems to keep us warm and safe, but of course, heating a home can be very pricey. If you’re interested in learning how you can […]

Replace Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together This Year

The summer has ended and fall is in full swing, leading many homeowners to consider the quality of their home comfort systems. If your air conditioner barely made it through the summer, and your furnace is looking past its prime as well, it might be time to replace both systems together. Furnaces and air conditioners […]

Furnace Repair and Service Experts Windsor

In Canada, having a functional furnace is much more than a creature comfort, it’s a necessity that allows us to endure the long, harsh winters. The Canadian cold really takes a toll on our heating systems. But, luckily, the residents of Windsor, Ontario have the experts at Fahrhall to rely on for all your furnace […]

Why Is There Water Around My Furnace?

Finding a pool of water around any appliance or piece of home comfort equipment is never a good sign, but it can be especially concerning when it happens to your furnace. In most cases, it’s usually a simple fix, but we’ve broken down a few of the possible causes for finding water around your furnace […]

Extreme Cold vs. Your Furnace

When cold snaps hit, and they always do during the winter, it can put a lot of stress on your heating system. Every year our lines are flooded with calls from homeowners in need of furnace repair at the first onset of extreme cold weather. We’ve put together a few tips to give your furnace […]

Fahrhall’s 24/7 Emergency Heating Service

With the temperature dropping below freezing, the last thing any homeowner wants is for their heating system to fail. Furnaces aren’t designed to last forever. Sometimes they break down without warning, often at the most inconvenient times like over the holidays, and it’s imperative to get the heat flowing again as soon as possible. Not […]

Furnace Not Heating? Here’s What to Do!

Canadians rely on their furnaces to get them through the winter, so it’s not uncommon for homeowners to panic if their heating system stops working. If you notice your furnace is not heating your home adequately this winter, try these tips before you call Fahrhall for service!

How to Tell If Your Furnace Has Flood Damage

Homeowners in Windsor, Ontario, are no stranger to fall flooding caused by excess precipitation, but many don’t realize the damage it can cause to their home comfort systems. We’ve broken down the steps you should follow if you suspect your home comfort systems, like your furnace and water heater, may have sustained flood damage.

Fall Furnace Maintenance and Why It’s Important

It’s important to get as much work done around the house as possible before the frigid winter weather arrives. Furnace maintenance is no different; here are a few of the reasons you should get a professional to maintain your furnace this fall.

Increase Comfort, Lower Monthly Bills

When you have your furnace or air conditioner running, there’s one thing you can do to help increase home comfort and minimize bills—schedule yearly maintenance.

Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems

When something goes wrong with your heating system, don’t panic! Sometimes there’s an incredibly easy fix and you can have the heat flowing again in just a few minutes. Here are some things to try to troubleshoot common furnace problems!

What a Banging Sound Coming from Your Furnace Means

Any time you hear a new noise coming from your furnace, it’s an indication that there is something wrong with the system. When the heating system starts making a banging sound, it could be a sign that the main blower or combustion blower is damaged or malfunctioning.

How Extremely Cold Weather Affects the Furnace

Did you know furnaces are sized in accordance with the home’s square footage and average winter temperature for the area? For most of the winter, that means your furnace should have no trouble keeping up with the weather. However, if we experience record-setting cold temperatures, your furnace might have trouble keeping up. During times of […]

How to Repair a Lennox Furnace

It can be frustrating when you run into a problem with your heating system and it’s not working as expected. If you’re having issues with your Lennox furnace, try these three fixes before calling for service or repair:

How to Repair a Daikin Furnace

If you run into a problem with your Daikin furnace, there are a few things to try before calling for professional repair:

Keep Furnace Intake and Exhaust Pipes Clear of Snow

After a snowstorm, it’s important to check that snow is not blocking the furnace intake and exhaust pipes. If you use a gas furnace, you’ll have two pipes outside of your home. The intake pipe pulls in fresh air for combustion, while the exhaust pipe expels the byproduct of the heating process. To work safely […]

Help Prevent Furnace Problems with This One Tip

January is a busy month for furnace repair calls. As the temperature continues to drop, heating systems have to run continuously to keep homes warm and comfortable. While there are a number of reasons you could run into furnace problems, too often we’re called in for service when the issue could have easily been prevented […]

Emergency Furnace Service Available in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent

If your heating system breaks down over the holiday season, Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists offers 24/7 emergency furnace service.

FAQ About Furnaces with Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens is the General Manager at Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists and has helped countless homeowners increase their home comfort. Today, he shares some insider tips about furnace repair, service and installation.

3 Heating Safety Tips for Winter

Keep your home warm and family safe this winter by following a few heating safety tips.

Save Money on Furnace Repair

No one wants to spend money on furnace repair, but with our bitterly cold winters, if there’s an issue you don’t really have an option but to call for heating service. The good news is, there’s a way to save money—enroll in a Fahrhall Protection Plan.

Furnace Repair vs Furnace Replacement

If there’s a problem with your heating system, you need to decide if it’s better to schedule furnace repair or if you might be better off with a furnace replacement. While every situation is unique, there are a few guidelines that can help you make the decision.

Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Winter

The best way to get your furnace ready for winter is to schedule professional maintenance. The benefits of a yearly furnace tune-up and inspection include proper system functionality, improved indoor air quality, enhanced energy efficiency and increased system lifespan.

Prompt Furnace Repair in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent

If The Old Farmer’s Almanac is to be believed, then we’re in for a cold, snowy winter, and heating systems are going to be working overtime to meet demand. It’s important to be prepared and know who to call if you need any type of furnace repair or service in the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent regions.

5 Tips to Increase Furnace Efficiency

Your heating system works hard to keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are a few steps you can take to help increase furnace efficiency and enjoy the benefits of a more evenly-heated home and lower monthly energy bills.

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

A furnace should last about 20 years on average; however, there are a number of factors that could affect how long your heating system can keep your home warm and comfortable.

Time to Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up

Winter weather can be unpredictable, but at some point, the temperature will drop and you’ll need your furnace to keep the home warm and comfortable. Be prepared for the sudden cold weather with a furnace tune-up.

Why DIY Furnace Repair is Never a Good Idea

While it can be tempting to perform DIY furnace repair, the risks and costs involved make it a terrible idea. Hiring a professional can actually save time, keep everyone safe and save money.

Fall is the Perfect Time for Furnace Service

To ensure your house is comfortable throughout the fall and winter, schedule annual furnace service before the cold weather arrives. Yearly service can help reduce the chance of a breakdown, ensure the system is operating safely and help lower monthly energy bills.

Benefits of Scheduling Professional Furnace Maintenance

On top of keeping your system running smoothly, professional furnace maintenance can help lower monthly utility bills, increase reliability and help extend a heating system’s lifespan.

Separating Furnace Myths From Furnace Facts

Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists has been in business for over 50 years and over that time our service technicians have seen a lot. At times, they’ve gone on a service repair call, only to discover that the homeowner has inadvertently caused damage to their furnace. Other times, an expensive repair has been caused by furnace […]

Have You Booked Your Annual Furnace Tune Up Yet?

There are lots of things to get done during the autumn season: leaves to be raked, lawn furniture to be put away and planning for the upcoming holidays. We know that an annual furnace tune up is not always at the top of most homeowners to-do list, but it’s important to keep you and your […]

Heating & Cooling Replacement Made Easy with Daikin and Fahrhall!

It’s that time of year again, when the temperatures are fluctuating up and down and we’re anxiously waiting for spring. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade your home comfort system with a heating and cooling replacement while saving BIG with our Daikin Spring Promotion!

We Have Your 24/7 Emergency Heating Service Covered This Holiday Season

There’s fresh snow on the ground, the holidays are nearly here, and it’s almost time to enjoy all of the festivities you’ve been planning with your family and friends. We know that your furnace care and heating service is likely the furthest thing from your mind, but we’re available just in case! Fahrhall Home Comfort […]

Keeping Your Home Efficient This Winter

Homeowners tend to face higher hydro bills in the winter because as temperatures drop, we turn to the thermostat to keep our homes cozy and comfortable. What many people don’t realize is that there are simple ways of keeping your home efficient without sacrificing comfort. With increased efficiency comes lower bills!

Leaves Can Actually Block Your Furnace & Force it to Stop Working!

It may be December now but last month had us feeling like it was late-September instead! The sun has been shining and the red, orange and yellow leaves have only now all fallen off the trees. The nice weather has allowed homeowners to prepare for the upcoming winter by tuning and starting up their furnaces […]

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