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SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

The quietest furnace in its class

Product Specifications

Price Guide($$$)

Energy Efficiency 80% AFUE
Stages of Heating Two-Stage
Quiet Operation SilentComfort™ Technology and Fully Insulated Cabinet
Motor Variable Speed
Enhanced Humidity Control
Blower Compartment Insulated
Air Filter and Humidifier Compatible
Air Filter and Humidifier Compatible
Ignition SureLight® Silicon Nitride Ignitor
Parts Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components
Heat Exchanger Warranty 20-Year Limited Warranty


Variable speed keeps you constantly comfortable

A variable-speed blower maintains comfort with an adjustable flow of air, preventing temperature swings and blasts of air when your system starts.

Efficiency you can feel good about
  • A more efficient home environment helps contribute to a better global environment.
  • Feel good this winter and all year long knowing you can save energy and money without compromising on comfort.
Up to 4.5x Quieter than competitive models

Not a lot of sound , just a lot of perfect air. Because it’s designed with SilentComfort™ technology, the SL280V operates with very low noise levels.

Two-stage heating for always-on performance

While most furnaces are either off or on, the SL280V can actually deliver two different levels of heat based on how cold it is outside. This lets it fine-tune fuel use to carefully match your comfort, keeping your home warm and energy-smart.


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