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Power your home with solar & better the environment

Installation, Service & Repair on SunSource™ Solar Power Systems from Lennox

The Green Revolution is just beginning. With a SunSource™ solar power system, you can join the movement and do your part for the environment. When you choose a SunSource™ solar power system from Fahrhall you are choosing to save money on your utilities, reduce the need for greenhouse gas producing power plants, and choosing to provide a better planet for the future.

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  • One to 15 roof-mounted solar modules harness clean, sustainable energy from the sun and send it to a solar-ready cooling system (such as the XC/XP 17 or XC/XP 21).
  • Solar energy is first used to meet heating and cooling demands. Any excess energy is used to power lighting, appliances and other electronics.
  • A communications module allows homeowners to see how their home energy system is working to lower their utility costs, the solar energy being produced and environmental benefits.

Unlike typical solar-panel systems, which have one large inverter for the complete array, each SunSource™ solar power module has its own scaled-down micro-inverter that converts solar energy into usable electrical power. This offers three key advantages:

  • A dedicated micro-inverter for each module allows a higher capture of solar energy, compared to traditional single-inverter systems.
  • You have the flexibility to start small and add more modules at a later date for greater energy savings.
  • Any issue that might affect one module, like tree shading or cloud cover, doesn’t impact the operation of other modules.

Beyond efficient performance, the modules offer superb durability and aesthetics:

  • Modules are weather and impact resistant
  • Modules can be installed nearly flush on a south facing roof
  • Modules can be easily maintained and service

With SunSource™ solar power systems you can track your energy savings and environmental impact in real-time! The information is available online, through the devices described below.

Communication Module

The Communication Module is a piece of hardware installed in your home which continuously sends performance information from each solar module to a website where you can view system status.

Performance Monitoring Website

The Performance Monitoring Website gives you 24/7 access to real-time information showing system status, energy production, and environmental benefits including carbon offset. Monitoring service is provided free for five years!

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