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Daikin FitTM


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1. Variable Speed DC Fan. – High efficiency and low sound levels.

2. Blue Fin Corrosion Coating. – 1000 hours salt spray rated as standard. Hydrophilic coating to help keep the coil clean.

3. 7mm Coil. – High heat exchanger efficiency and compact casing design.

4. Inverter Board Cooled by Refrigerant Circuit. – Elimination of condenser fan pressure drop caused by heat sink used on previous generations.

5. New Swing Compressor. – High efficiency. Low sound levels.

Fit your comfort

Ideal temperature and low sound levels

The Daikin Fit™ system is an Inverter unit which runs continuously but adjusts the compressor’s speed to meet the demand.

Fit your space

Space Saving Compact Design

The compact size of the Daikin Fit™ system now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise.

Fit your budget

Operational Efficiencies

The Daikin Fit™ system is state-of-the-art HVAC technology developed to help you meet budget and efficiency goals.

Daikin Launches New Daikin FITTM Systems, Revolutionizing the Future of Condensing Units for Residential Applications.

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A smart HVAC system, Daikin FITTM melds the best features and performance of ductless- style condensing units with ability to connect to traditional ducted systems. This brings homeowners the advantages of Daikin technology, including high-performing inverter compressors with cabinet designs that are smaller, lighter and quieter than traditional unitary outdoor condensing units.

Fahrhall has been providing reliable heating service to Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent since 1967. If  you are looking to upgrade your current HVAC system with Daikin Fit TM trust us as your home comfort specialists.

The FIT is a game changer and another advantage for Daikin Comfort Pros!

The Daikin Fit™ system is a side discharge, smart HVAC system that won’t compromise on comfort and connects to ducted solutions traditional to the unitary market. In a market saturated with expensive high-tiered inverters, the system provides a premium mid-efficiency inverter at an affordable rate. The low profile of the outdoor unit offers solutions when a traditional cube style cannot.


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